The softbinder becomes the SoftTIE

In the course of the opening of our new webshop ( and the introduction of the new compact binder, we have renamed Softbinder to SoftTIE due to international sales activities. The previous webshop which was also known under the name "Softbindershop" ( will be discontinued and replaced by the new webshop, which corresponds to the current state of the art. If you call the old domain, you will automatically be redirected to the new webshop.

Is the softbinder and SoftTIE the same product?

We have not changed the properties and material of the softbinder. The SofTIE is completely identical in form and function to the Softbinder, which has been tried and tested for many years. The only distinguishing feature is the new SoftTIE logo which is as usual on the closure and replaces the old Softbinder logo.

Who is the manufacturer of SoftTIE?

We are the manufacturer of the original SoftTIE cable ties also called Softbinder. The production, packaging and shipping of SoftTIE are still 100% in Austria. This allows you to rely on consistent quality standards.

This is what the new SoftTIE logo looks like

Orignal SoftTIE cable ties are always recognizable by the logo embossed in the closure. As already described, the previous "ROVAFLEX" logo found on the softbinder will be replaced by the new "SoftTIE" logo.

softtie softbinder in comparison