Soft TIE

Soft TIE - cable ties...

If you are looking for highly elastic and extremely tear-resistant cable ties, you have come to the right place! In contrast to conventional cable ties, you can reuse the Soft TIE fastening ties at any time. 

... are elastic fastening ties

Our Soft TIE cable ties are made of highly elastic material. Preloading is applied during fastening, which means that the fastening ties hold even on extremely smooth surfaces without slipping. Soft TIE cable ties are particularly popular for moving applications. The damping material properties absorb unwanted component vibrations and protect the bundle from slipping.

... are reusable at any time

All Soft TIE cable ties have been designed to be reused at any time. Thanks to the unique closure, you do not need any additional tools when opening the binder, unlike many other fastening solutions.

... can be extended

We offer our fasteners in various lengths. However, if you should not get by with the available lengths, you can connect Soft TIE cable ties to each other at the same time and thus double the length of the strap.

... are easy to use

When developing our products, we not only paid attention to the high functionality, but also to the handling. The soft, elastic material in combination with the rounded edges makes handling particularly pleasant, even with numerous assembly processes.

... have a matt surface finish

All Soft TIE cable ties have a matt surface. This not only looks classy, ​​but simply makes fingerprints disappear.

softtie-elastischer-kabelbinder-befestigung-fahrrad6zYBFw0YycQGBThe picture shows a Soft TIE fastening tie